Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference
ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL POLICY: Economic and Social Challenges for European Economy

September 3–5, 2019 Čeladná, Czech Republic

International Scientific Committee


Břetislav Andrlík, Lucie Zborovská
Toll System Charging Negative Externalities: Case of The Czech Republic    1
František Bartes
Increasing the Competitiveness of Companies by Means of Competitive Intelligence   17
Richard Bartes
Legal Liability in Subsidy Law   33
Vlastimil Beran, Jana Godarová
The Issue of Living Minimum: The Comparison of Selected European Countries   43
Radim Boháč, Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Eva Daniela Cvik
Management and Use of Financial Instruments
From the EU Budget Through State Funds – Czech Case Study
Radmila Burkovičová, Daniel Hanuš
Subjective Attitudes to Inclusion as a Current Social Problem   75
Ivona Buryová, Jaroslav Škrabal
The Attitude of Citizens on the Perception of Poverty in the Czech Republic:
Case Study on the Moravian-Silesian Region
Ivana Butoracová Šindleryová
Innovation Management Implementation Needs Within Public Institutions 103
Lucie Coufalová
Conflict and Trade: The Case of the Basque Country 115
Andrea Čajková
Identifying Key Regional Development Determinants
in Relation to Innovative Management of Cultural Objects
Martin Černek
Economic Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility:
Solutions, Relationships, Problems
Petr David, František Ostřížek
Distortion of Parameters Concerning Passenger Cars in the Czech Republic 149
Dagmar Dvořáčková, Adéla Mojžíšová
Cohousing as a Prevention of Social Exclusion of Seniors 161
Esien Eddy Bruno
Activation and Unemployed Third-Country Nationals: The Implication
of Work-Related Incentives to Promote Work in Austria, Finland and Czech Republic
Elena Fifeková, Eduard Nežinský, Edita Nemcová
Convergence Slowdown of V4 Countries From the Innovation Performance Perspective 181
Elena Fifeková, Martina Chrančoková, Edita Nemcová
Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in EU: Challenges and Limitations 193
Libuše Halfarová
The Challenge for Education: A Gifted Student 211
Kristína Hošová
Shadow Economy in Slovak Republic 221
Martin Hudcovský, Karol Morvay
Transition in Labour Market Status in V4 237
Ľubica Hurbánková
Analysis of Slovakia Regions on the Basis of Living Indicators 247
Petra Chmielová
Comparison of Conditions for Entrepreneurship of Selected Countries 261
Radim Kalabis
Cryptocurrencies from the Perspective of Private and Public Law 271
Roman Klimko, Simona Hyžová, Eva Rievajová
Selected Aspects of Youth and Graduates‘ Unemployment in Slovakia 281
Ján Kollár, Barbora Mazúrová
Selected Issues of Commuting in Slovakia 293
Igor Kotlán, Zuzana Machová
Legal Tax Uncertainty in Case of Social Security Contributions 303
Anna Krausová, Klára Ganobjáková, Barbora Bruzková, Kateřina Pátková
Agenda of (Social) Housing with a Focus on People with Disabilities:
An Example of City of Ostrava
Šárka Laboutková, Petr Vymětal
Evaluation of Transparent Lobbying in Visegrad Group Countries 323
Rudolf Macek, Martin Murín
Measuring Tax Uncertainty in Czech Republic 333
Rudolf Macek
Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth: Complex Review 347
Ingrid Majerova
The Similarity of Competitiveness Indicators
and Their Dynamization in Selected Central European Countries
Jiří Malý
The 20-Year-Old Euro Area: Unfulfilled Expectations and Persistent Problems 375
Jan Mertl
Will More Personal Savings Save the Czech Pension System? 389
Katarína Moravčíková
Regional Differences in the Provision of Social Benefits in Slovakia 403
Martin Murín
Debt Behaviour of Czech and Slovak Governments:
Stock-Flow Adjustment Analysis of Post-Crisis Period
Veronika Nálepová, Michaela Tichá
Consumer Credits in the Czech Republic in the Context of Economic Development 429
Monika Nova
New Tools for Economic and Social Aid Provided in Developing Countries 439
Michal Oláh, Zlata Ondrušová
Newborns Living on Wooden Pallets:
Such is the Reality of the Refugees of 44 Nationalities on the Island Lesbos
Daniela Pobudová
Health Care Models and their Effectiveness 455
Ladislav Průša
Social Services at a Historical Crossroads 469
Jiri Rotschedl, Martina Mlejnkova
Labour Market Analysis by Sectors in the Regions of the Czech Republic 485
Lenka Říhová
The Causes of Changes in the Demands of Work of Civil Servants in the Czech Republic 503
Peter Sika
Gendering the Christmas Allowance and its Eligibility 517
Ilja Skaunic
What Is The Future of Cash: Can We Do Without it in the Near Future? 531
Dagmar Svobodová
Selected Millennials’ Views on the Czech Republic as a Member of the European Union 545
Jaroslav Šigut, Alois Mácha
Virtual World, its Contribution and Danger for Children 559
Jarmila Vidová
Housing and its Availability as an Important Quality Indicator of Life 571
Petr Zimčík
Tax Wedge in Labour Market 583
Šárka Ulčáková, Raju Ranjan Kumar Paswan
Social Innovations in Virtual Worlds with an Example from Second Life 595
Jaroslav Škrabal
Analysis of Investment Incentives in the Czech Republic 607


ISSN 2571-1776; e-ISSN 2694-796X; ISBN 978-80-87291-25-2

Title: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL POLICY: Economic and Social Challenges
for European Economy
Publisher: Vysoká škola PRIGO
Place of issue: Ostrava
Year of publishing: 2019
Editor: Ing. Veronika Nálepová, Ph.D.

All papers passed a double-blind review process.

Suggested citation:
Author, 2019. Title of the paper. In: Nálepová, V., (ed.). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL POLICY: Economic and Social Challenges for European Economy. Ostrava: Vysoká škola PRIGO, 2019, pp. XX–XX.

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