Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference

September 1–3, 2020 Trojanovice, Czech Republic

International Scientific Committee



Vlastimil Beran
Demotivative Effect of Social on the Labor Supply Of Low-Skilled Workers 1
Lucie Coufalová, Jakub Buček
Catalan Home Bias with the Rest of Spain: Does It Still Exist? 14
Martin Černek, Radka MacGregor Pelikánová
Code of Ethics Analysis of Czech Companies to Address CSR and SDGS 29
Elena Fifeková, Eduard Nežinský, Edita Nemcová
Emission Efficiency: DEA Approach 43
Adriana Grenčíková, Dagmar Petrušová, Vladislav Berkovič
Implemantation of Industry 4.0 in Slovak Republic from the Perspective of Employers 54
Lucie Gyönyörová, Filip Hampl
Literature Overview of Utility Regulation: Water Pricing Models in Europe 70
Libuše Halfarová
Legal Regulation in Times of Pandemic 85
Nicole Horáková
Why Own if We Can Share? Brings Sharing Economy Benefits to Everyone or Is It Another
Form of Capitalism?
Jakub Chalmovianský, Daniel Němec, Vlastimil Reichel
Minimum Wage Setting and the Dynamics of the Czech Labor Market 108
Martina Chrančoková
Roma Integration in the Present 130
Alena Kajanová, Tomáš Mrhálek
The Impact of Social Exclusion on the School Success of Roma Children 146
Christiana Kliková
Quality of Economic Growth in the Czech Republic and Slovak 154
Zlata Konôpková
Tax Changes Effects oh the Czech Economy 162
Dagmar Kopencová
Risks and Impacts of Drug Use in the Czech Republic 173
Igor Kotlán, Daniel Němec, Zuzana Machová
Tax Policy Reform under the Contemporary Economic Conditions 184
Pavel Kotlán
Criminal Liability and Economic Crime 194
Ondrej Krocil
Social Entrepreneurship in the Visegrad Group Countries:
A Systematic Literature Review
Lucia Lacková, Radmila Burkovičová, Tereza Kimplová, Antonia Ramírez García, Carolina Pérez Dueñas
The Phenomenon of Flow in Inner Game As an Important Protective Factor in Personality
Resilience (2002 – 2020 Longitudinal International Qualitative Study)
Rudolf Macek, Martin Murín
World Tax Index: Methodology Changes and Revision of Data for OECD Countries
from 2000 to 2018
Marie Mackova
Fear of Death in Health Social Workers 240
Ľudmila Macurová, Marián Hrubizna , Miroslav Felcan
Damage to the European Cmmunity Financial Interests in the Slovak Republic 245
Barbora Mazúrová, Ján Kollár
Commuting in the Context of WLB 259
Jan Mertl
Karel Engliš’s Teleological Approach and the Configuration of Health Care Systems 268
Martin Murín
Development of Poverty in the Czech Republic between 2008 and 2018 280
Veronika Nálepová
The Position of the Czech Republic in European Corporate Taxation 293
Boris Navrátil
Will The Czech Presidency Help Successfully Meet the Colossal Challenges Facing
the European Union?
Monika Nova
Adventure Tourism As a New Tool of Development Cooperation –
a Case in Point Concerning an Ethnic Group of Pygmies
Michal Oláh
Development and Current State of Divorce and Infidelity in Slovakia 318
Dana Ondrušková, Richard Pospíšil
Perspectives of Vocational Education in the Czech Republic 322
Jana Péteriová, Břetislav Andrlík, Lucie Formanová
Circular Tax and Its Application on Vehicle Stock of Slovakia 330
Miroslav Pilát
Method of Community Planning of the Social Services As an Effective Means
of Social Policy on the Level of Local Administrative Units
Daniela Pobudová
Non – Effectiveness of the Farmaceutical Market in the Slovak Republic 362
Andrej Přívara, Eva Rievajová
Gender Equality in Theory and Practice 377
Roman Rak
Occurrence, Event, State and Situation As Basic Phenomenas in the Field of Economy,
Criminalistics, Social and Forensic Science
Jiří Rotschedl
Is There Hyperactivity Disorder As Risk Factor of Poverty? 404
Jaroslav Šigut
Social Networks and Their Risks for Children and Young People 410
Eva Štichhauerová, Miroslav Žižka
A Comparison of the Trends in the Factors of Financial Performance
of Companies in Czech Clusters
Michaela Tichá
Demographic Development in the Socio-Economic Context 443
Jaroslav Vostatek
Austrian and Czech Tax Policies 454
Radim Kalabis
Problems of Operation of Autonomous Vehicles with Regard to Liability for Damage 471


ISSN 2571-1776; e-ISSN 2694-796X; ISBN 978-80-87291-27-6

Title: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL POLICY: Economic and Social Challenges
for European Economy
Publisher: Vysoká škola PRIGO
Place of issue: Ostrava
Year of publishing: 2020
Editors: Ing. Veronika Nálepová, Ph.D.; Ing. Natalie Uhrová, Ph.D.

All papers passed a double-blind review process.

Suggested citation:
Author, 2020. Title of the paper. In: Nálepová, V., Uhrova, N. (eds.). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL POLICY. Ostrava: Vysoká škola PRIGO, 2020, pp. XX–XX.

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