Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference

September 6–8, 2022 Čeladná, Czech Republic

International Scientific Committee



Vladimír Barák, Vojtěch Krebs, Šimon Přecechtěl

Is the Deinstitutionalisation of Social Services for the Elderly a Feasible Concept? 1
Vlastimil Beran
The Impact of Covid-19 on Labour Costs 13
Diana Bílková
Czech Salaries in the Public Sphere: Empirical Evidence 26
Oľga Bočáková, Michal Imrovič
The Slovak Republic and the Labor Market in the Dimensions of the COVID-19 Pandemic 41
Filip Červenka
Economic Inequality and Support for Anti-System Parties 52
Elena Fifeková, Edita Nemcová, Eduard Nežinský
Competitiveness of the Economy and Its Structural Aspects 66
Lenka Fojtíková
Economic Sanctions between the European Union and the Russian Federation & Qui Bono? 76
Michal Fridrich
Introduction to Knowledge Discovery in Data Process in Context of Industry 4.0 87
Eva Grmanová
Digital Training of Enterprises in EU Countries 99
Martina Chrančoková, Dušana Dokupilová
Analysis of Flows of Foreign Students Coming to Slovakia from 2009 to 2021 110

Martina Chrančoková, Michaela Džavoronková

Behaviour of Slovak Clients in the Banking Market during Covid 19 119

Petr Juříček, František Vlach, Dagmar Kopencová

Overcrowding in Czech Prisons or Is Private Prison the Solution? 126
Radim Kalabis
Articicial Intelligence in Justice – Current Challenges and Risks 141
Lucie Kamrádová, Anna Václavíková
Economic Activity of People in Post-Productive Age at Risk of Poverty 151
Naděžda Klabusayová, Martin Černek
From Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0: Starting Points, Relationship, Problems 159
Christiana Kliková, Natalie Uhrová
Corruption in the Czech Republic 172
Monika Kmeťová, Natália Brovina Mulinová, Jaroslav Mihálik
Youth Policy and Brain Drain: Lessons from Denmark and Slovakia 185

Alena Kozlová

Beyond Confirming Validity: Implications of the CJEU Rule of Law Conditionality Cases on the Scope of EU Values 197
Marie Macková, Gerard Farrell
Palliative Social Work in the Time of Covid-19 208
Jiří Malý
Croatia Joins the Euro Area: Would the Current Member States Meet the Convergence Criteria? 215
Jan Mertl, Radim Valenčík
On the Issue of Stabilising the Pay-As-You-Go Pension System 223
Boris Navrátil
A Strategically Autonomous and Stronger European Union for the Future 232
Edita Nemcová, Elena Fifeková
The Low Carbon Future of the Automotive Industry – Reality or Fiction? 241
Eduard Nežinský
PISA Score as a Predictor of Age-Structured Human Capital 252
Igor Palúš
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in a Democratic State 261
Vivien Pásztóová, Péter Karácsony
Impact of the Crisis Caused by the Covid-19 Epidemic on the Slovakian Labor Market 270
Miroslav Pilát
The Project Olomouc without Barriers As an Example of Effective Means of Social Policy of Municipalities 280

Blanka Plasová, Iveta Zelenková

Experiences with Work-Family Arrangements in Organizations during COVID-19: Elements of Innovation 295
Tomáš Imrich Profant
The De/Growth Debate 311
Ladislav Průša
Social Services – Potentially the Fastest Growing Sector of the National Economy 319
Roman Rak, Dagmar Kopencová
Disinformation or When White Is Black and Black Is White 327
Jakub Szabó, Tomáš Ševček, Tomáš Oleš
Oil Leak Alert! 343
Jaroslav Šigut, Lucie Štubňová
Online Teaching during the Covid Pandemic and the Risks Associated with It 352
František Varadzin, Jan Nevima, Kamila Turečková
Is a New Community of the Disinherited Emerging? Iran, Russia, Turkey in a New Perspective 365
Maria Vašutová, Libuše Halfarová
Life Satisfaction of Helping Professions 381


ISSN 2788-2012; e-ISSN 2788-2020; ISBN 978-80-87291-32-0

Title: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC POLICY
Publisher: Vysoká škola PRIGO
Place of issue: Ostrava
Year of publishing: 2022
Editors: Ing. Veronika Nálepová, Ph.D.; Bc. Marta Blaštíková

All papers passed a double-blind review process.

Suggested citation:
Author, 2022. Title of the paper. In: Nálepová, V., Blaštíková, M. (eds.). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC POLICY: Post-Pandemic Challenges
and Opportunities of the Czech and European Policy.
Ostrava: Vysoká škola PRIGO, 2022, pp. XX–XX.

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