Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference

September 7–9, 2021 Čeladná, Czech Republic

International Scientific Committee



Emil Adámek, Lukáš Jursa

Radmila Burkovičová
Subjective Job Satisfaction of Kindergarten Teachers 10
Radmila Burkovičová, Karin Fodorová
Cooperation of Children’s Legal Representatives with Kindergarten Pedagogical Staff
in Solving Defined Problems
Kristýna Čepelová, Vlastimil Reichel
Quantifying the Impact of Rent Deregulation on Property Prices 39
Lukáš Cíbik
Economic Development of Post-Socialist Countries in the EU: from Accession to the Present 51
Sára Čerňanská
Analysis of the Unemployment Rate in the Czech Republic by Age Groups with a Focus on the Impact of COVID-19 61
Eddy Bruno Esien
Public Work Programs, Wage Subsidies and Tax Credits: in Enabling State Subsidization Governance for Third-Country National´s Work Promotion in Austria, Finland and Czechia 75
Lenka Farkačová
The Arrangements if Compulsory Payroll Deductions and its Influence
in Active Involvement of the Elderly in Czech Workplaces
Elena Fifeková, Eduard Nežinský, Edita Nemcová
Disparities in EU Regions: First Take 103
Lenka Fojtíková, Petra Doleželová
Open Strategic Autonomy: Czechia’s Backward Linkage in GVC under an Ambivalent Concept 116

Libuše Halfarová


Ĺubica Hurbánková

Martina Chrančovková
The Present Value of Education 151
Martina Chrančovková
The Road to Future Free from Discrimination and Racism for the Roma Population in Slovakia 161
Emilia Janigová, Sabina Zdráhalová
Management at the Time Distance Education –University Teaching of Students of Social Work 171
Radim Kalabis, Martin Šmíd
New Perspectives and Social Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Economy
in the Terms of the Acceleration of the Industry 4.0
and in the Light of the Protection of Employees Rights
Naděžda Klabusayová
Automation and Robotization as a Part of the Industry Initiative  4.0 190

Cyril Klimeš, Tomáš Sochor

Dagmar Kopencová
Economic, Social and Political Impacts of Organized Crime 213
Pavel Kotlán
Meaningfulness of the Criminal Sanction of a Legal Person on the Example of Credit Fraud 223
Alena Kozlová
Losing Through winning:
The European Court of Justice Vis-à-vis the Rule of Law Backsliding in Hungary
Daniela Květenská, Sabina Zdráhalová, Pavla Vodová, Klára Chaloupská
Economic Aspects of Innovative Elements of Distance Learning Tertiary Education 246
Martin Lábaj, Erika Majzlíková
The Role of Pharmacists in the Age of Automation 261
Radka MacGregor Pelikánová
From Three priorities to Six Ambitions – the (Un)Sustainable Sustainability Policies of EU Commission in the COVID Era 271
Marie Macková
Self-Care Among Healt Social Workers 282
Daniela Matoušová
Analysis of the Share of Unemployed Persons in Five Czech Regions with the Focus on the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Labour Market 288
Jan Mertl
The Universal and Optional Part of a Health System:
a Way to Handle the Health Care Supply and Financing

Martin Murín, Rudolf Macek

Veronika Nálepová, Judita Buchlovská Nagyová, Marek Lampart
Cournot Oligopology and Chaos Theory – Impact for Economic Modelling 326
Boris Navrátil
Will the Western Balkans Knock in the EU’s Door for a Long Time to Come,
or Will It Jump into the Arms of Russia and China?
Edita Nemcová, Elena Fifeková
Trap of Dominance or Prospects of the EU Automotive Industry
in the Context of New Challenges and Strategies
Ondřej Pavelek
Europeanization of the Liability of Public Authorities  361
Miroslav Pilát
Inquiry and Analysis of the Needs of Chosen Target Groups for Social and Related Services
on the Selected Territory as a Potential Instrument
of the Municipality on the Example of the City Opava
Daniela Pobudová
The Impacts of Pharmaceutical Companies on Economic Recovery after Covid-19 381
Lenka Procházková
Income, Tax, Employee and Employer Social Security Contributions in Visegrad Group Countries 395
Ladislav Průša
Development of Emergency Care as a Basic Precondition for Delaying the Need for Care in Residential Social Services Facilities 408
Roman Rak, Dagmar Kopencová, Vladimír Šulc, Vladimíra Hudecová, Peter Chriašteľ
The Phenomenon of Crisis, its Dimensions and Characteristics not only for Economists 415
Vlastimil Reichel, Barbara Klapalová, Tatiana Keseliová, Jakub Chalmovianský
The Impact of Monetary Policy on Real Estate Market During Covid-19 Crisis Using
a DSGE Model of a Small Open Economy
Pavel Sedláček, Radim Valenčík
From Startups to Creative Intergenerational Teams 440
Natalie Uhrová
Czech Fiscal Policy in Time of Pandemic Crisis 451
Martina Vatrt, Břetislav Andrlík
Universal Basic Income in Case of Slovakia 462

Maria Vašutová, Zuzana Miklušová


Maria Vašutova, Jaroslav Šigut

Jaroslav Vostatek
Czech Family Benefits and Costs: Reforms, Regimes and Contracts 502
Sabina Zdráhalová, Daniela Květenská
Socially Disadvantaged Pupils During the Coronavirus Crisis 518
Petr Zimčík
Employment and Taxation in OECD Countries 530


ISSN 2571-1776; e-ISSN 2694-796X; ISBN 978-80-87291-29-0

Title: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL POLICY
Publisher: Vysoká škola PRIGO
Place of issue: Ostrava
Year of publishing: 2021
Editors: Ing. Veronika Nálepová, Ph.D.; Ing. Martina Pavlorková

All papers passed a double-blind review process.

Suggested citation:
Author, 2021. Title of the paper. In: Nálepová, V., Pavlorková, M. (eds.). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL POLICY. Ostrava: Vysoká škola PRIGO, 2021, pp. XX–XX.

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