Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference

September 5–7, 2023 Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic

International Scientific Committee



Irena Antošová, Jana Stávková
Household Disposable Income Structure Towards Living out of Poverty in EU Countries 1
Vladimír Barák, Vojtěch Krebs, Šimon Přecechtěl
Does the Conflict of Interest Affect the Allocation of Non-Investment Transfers in the Area
of Residential Social Services?
Radmila Burkovičová, Karin Fodorová
Current Social Problems of Families with Children in Preschool Education Identified
by Kindergarten Teachers
Tomasz Czapran
Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 32
Peter Čajka, Barbora Szépeová
The Qualitative Position of V4 Universities in World Rankings as a Prerequisite for Meeting the Policy Priorities of Central European Governments 39
Andrea Čajková, Ivana Butoracová Šindleryová 54
Strategic Leadership Competencies and Good Governance: the Role of Universities in Training Innovation Leaders for Hybrid Governance
Vladimír Čechák
Investments in Education, the Question of Their Evalution in the Context od Social Development 64
Karin Fodorová, Kornelia Solich
The Attitudes of Czech and Polish Parents Towards Institutionalized Education of
Two-Year-Old Children According to Kindergarten Teachers in the Czech Republic
and Nursery School Teachers in Poland
Michal Fridrich, Martin Černek
Innovative Management Strategies in the Era of Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0 85
Libuše Halfarová, Maria Vašutová
Counselling Support for Students with Special Educational Needs 96
Leona Hozová, Renata Kyzlinková
Subjectivity in the Decision-Making Process of Workers from Social and Legal Protection
of Children Units when Entrusting Children to the Kinship Care: Its Relation to the Legislative
Framework and Other Variables
Martina Chrančoková
Reputation of Slovak Universities in the World Rankings 117
Richard Kališ, Erika Majzlíková, Peter Silanič, Peter Tóth
Importance of Spatial Proximity in the Pharmacy Retail Market 129
Lucie Kamrádová, Lukáš Vomlela
Middle-Income Trap and it´s Impact From the Regional Perspective 138
Christiana Kliková, Natalie Uhrová
State Debt of the Czech Republic 147
Ján Kollár, Barbora Mazúrová, Viera Podskočová
Use of Fiscal Policy Instruments in Support of Self-Employed Persons during the COVID-19 Pandemic
in the Slovak Republic
Robert K. MacGregor, Radka MacGregor Pelikánová & Filip Rubáček
EU Policies and Law to Stimulate SDGs Embracement – Appreciated by Responsible Consumers
but not by Businesses
Jiří Malý
Has the World Economy Entered a Phase of Deglobalization? 188
Boris Navrátil
Ten Years of the EU Economic Governance and its Reflection in Czechia 196
Edita Nemcová, Elena Fifeková
The EU Industrial Policy in the Period of External Shocks 204
Tomáš Imrich Profant
Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis and the World-System Theory: How do they Deviate from the Classical Development Paradigm? 213
Ladislav Průša
Is it Appropriate to Introduce Personnel Standards as a Basic Registration Condition for Social Service Providers? 221
Jaroslav Šigut, Maria Vašutová
Children and Adolescent in the Digital World 231
Tomáš Sochor
Economic Aspects of Technological Innovations in Information Technology 245
František Varadzin, Jan Nevima, Kamila Turečková
Long-Term Trends in China’s Foreign Trade 252
Jaroslav Vostatek
Tax Policity of the Fiala’s Government 271
Tomáš Wroblowský
Twin Deficits after Covid Pandemic: Evidence from Central European Countries 282


ISSN 2788-2012; e-ISSN 2788-2020; ISBN 978-80-87291-34-4

Title: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC POLICY
Editors: Bc. Marta Blaštíková; Ing. Tomáš Bouchal, Ph.D, Ing.Paed.IGIP; Ing. Lenka Fabíková
Publisher: Vysoká škola PRIGO
Place of issue: Ostrava
Year of publishing: 2023

All papers passed a double-blind review process.

Suggested citation:
Author, 2023. Title of the paper. In: Blaštíková, M., Bouchal, T., Fabíková, L. (eds.). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference ECONOMIC POLICY. Ostrava: Vysoká škola PRIGO, 2023, pp. XX–XX.

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